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Don't live with chronic pain, there's a solution.

About Us

We've completely revolutionized the way Dentistry should be completed.

For so long, dentistry has been a merge between science and art. Now we believe its science, art and technology. With the help of 3D (CBCT), intra-oral scanning technology and Photogrammetry, we have the tools to give our patients a beautiful set of teeth, thats designed, fabricated and processed in our own office.  With our patented complete digital workflow, we are able to give our patients a complete full smile make-over in just 1 day.

We believe that having beautiful teeth can change everything. That’s why we offer a wide variety of affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you achieve your ideal smile. Having a beautiful smile is important for many reasons, from making you feel more confident and happy to getting better results at work and in the dating game. We offer many options from tooth replacements with dental implants to dental bridges and veneers, treatment for TMJ/D, cosmetic dentures for missing teeth.

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2240 N. Harbor Blvd Suite 220

Fullerton, CA 92835

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Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am - 12:00pm 

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"I had old dental work, crowns and fillings that had gone bad, and it got to the point where I couldn't chew or eat. I met with Dr. Osafi and we came up with a plan to fix my teeth, and now I eat steak, chew nuts and eat any foods that I want to eat with no problem. He is the best dentist in Orange County!"

Actual Patient


Dream Smile™
Dental Implant Solution

Imagine being able to bite into an apple or eat steak without having pain, or not having to cover up your mouth when you smile. Better yet, not having to add glue to keep your denture in place.

This is all possible with the Dream SmileTM Dental Implant Process. This revolutionary dental service is the process of placing anywhere between 4 - 7 dental implants in the upper jaw and 4 - 7 dental implants in the lower jaw and fabricating a hand-made, gorgeous Zirconia Bridge. This bridge mimics natural teeth, it feels and looks natural, and is all designed and fabricated in our own office. 

This is all done within 24 hours! 

Technology used:

  • CBCT 3D Cone Beam 

  • Surgical Guide - More efficient and accurate dental implant placement

  • Medit Intra-Oral Scanner - No more goopy Impressions

  • Digi-Smile Designer - See your before and after before we even get started with treatment

  • Imetric 4D (Photogrammetry) - 100% accuracy for implant connection

  • 3D Printer + Milling Machine - Utilizing in-house labs to fabricate those beautiful hand-made bridges.

  1. You don't have to be afraid to smile anymore

  2. You don't have to limit your options on what you can and can't eat.

  3. Be healthy and feel good about yourself.

  4. Look 10-15 years younger

  5. Get that renewed confidence! 

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All on 4™ / All on 6

The All on 4™ treatment includes placing four implants in a jaw (also called an arch) to give patients a "fixed" restoration, or a set of teeth. The traditional method and what is most commonly being done to this day, includes, taking a 3D / CBCT X-ray, as well as typically using the patients own denture if they have one, or making a new denture and fixating the denture into the 4 newly placed implants. 

Additional 2 dental implants are placed to fabricate an All on 6 for more stability, and longevity of the restoration. The additional implants are not guaranteed as its dependent on the patients current bone and gum health. Which is why we recommend our patients to be proactive and schedule a consultation to see if they are even a candidate for this type of procedure. 

Revolutionizing the All on 4™/All on 6 Treatment Concept


Utilizing advanced technology we are able to give patients that are candidates for the All on 4™ or All on 6 treatment their teeth in 24 hours!

We do this by not using the patients existing dentures or fabricating a denture. Our own lab technicians design and fabricate in-house, a prototype of the patients smile and we decide where the new smile should be. Using metrics and diagnostic tools we are able to correct patients entire jaw position, smile line, and cheek and lip positions as well.


This process is all done in 24 hours.

You will be able to eat, chew, smile all in 24 hours. No more having to hide your smile.


For our out of state patients, please inform us prior to scheduling a consultation!


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Made with Natural High Esthetic Resin: PMMA

In-House Laboratory
Digital Technology

Being able to design, craft and finalize teeth in our own office has not only given our patients an exceptional service, but it allows us to quality check each and every case that gets delivered. From the digital scanning to the designing to the finalization of the teeth, our lab technicians are working diligently to providing extremely beautiful teeth with the highest quality.  

Digital Dentures: Our dentures are fabricated in our own office using a Dental 3D printer. Teeth selection can either be from our own list of teeth selections that we offer or from a preference that a patient has in mind (ivoclar - Phonares, Peek)

Acrylic (PMMA): Acrylic teeth can be given as a final restoration and can be beautifully designed and fabricated in our own office. At Dream Smiles we use a much stronger acrylic resin, different than the traditional acrylics that are out there. What we offer is extremely durable, however, will need to be replaced every 5-7 years. 

Zirconia: At Dream Smiles we offer Zirconia restorations, this beautiful restoration is designed, fabricated, hand stained/glazed in our own office. This material is extremely durable (it is arguably considered the strongest material in Dentistry). Beautifully designed, this restoration is more delicate to work with and requires more time to carve, stain and glaze, however, the end result is a beautiful set of teeth. Zirconia is resistant to stains, wear and plaque.

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Cost of Dental Implants

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Meet Dr. Behfar Osafi

Graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Specialized in Oral Implantology and full-arch reconstructions, has placed and restored over 5,000 dental implants. 

Dr. Osafi specializes in complex rehabilitation, repair of previous "All-on-4 / All-on-6 or All on X cases" and Full mouth rehabilitation, with emphasis on cosmetics and function (TMJ/TMD). In 2020, he built his own laboratory to be able to control the entire dental process and so he built "Dream Smiles Studio" by utilizing advanced technology and having trained his surgical assistants to be involved in the entire workflow, Dr. Osafi and his team are not only able to give patients teeth in a day, but to be involved in each and every case from the beginning to the end. 


He is a coveted speaker, mentor, photographer, and musician.


Payment Options

Our goal is to provide life-changing dental work for a price that can be easily attainable for all patients. We offer many different financing companies, including Care Credit and GreenSky Financing, as well as a combination of our own in-house financing and monthly payment plans. Our payment options have made it extremely easy for patients to be able to afford the treatment options that we provide. 

At Dream Smiles, we understand that you have a lot of options and are looking for a Dentist to call your own. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable here, that's why we take our time to get to know you and what you're looking for before your first visit. We want each and every patient to feel like they matter. We'll work together with you to determine what the best treatment option is, whether it's dental implants, crowns/veneers or bridges. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to ask!




GreenSky Finance

In-House Financing

Payment Plans


"Today was my first time visiting with my mother who required dental services. The care and professionalism that they exhibited was unbelievable. From the moment we stepped in to leaving the office, the staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. Through the detailed care of my mother’s teeth and pain-free procedures, Dr. Behfar Osafi is exceptional. This is how patients should be treated..." - Damjanco A.

"I was referred to Dream Smiles by one of my friends who had received treatment for upper dental implants. My experience has been great. They're extremely courteous and understanding. They were accommodating to every single need I've had. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and they are very thorough in preparing you for any procedure. Their treatment philosophy is to treat one patient at a time and they work hard to make sure the final outcome was perfect. I am very happy that I was treated by them and would definitely recommend them to anyone of my friends and family" - Silvia V.

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