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All on 4™ / All on 6 / All on X

Different names, same concept.

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What is the All on 4™?

all on 4 acrylic.jpeg

Made of Acrylic (PMMA)

The All on 4™ treatment includes placing four implants in a jaw (also called an arch) to give patients a "fixed" restoration, or a set of teeth. The traditional method and what is most commonly being done to this day, includes, taking a 3D / CBCT X-ray, as well as typically using the patients own denture if they have one, or making a new denture and fixating the denture into the 4 newly placed implants. 


Additional 2 dental implants are placed to fabricate an All on 6 for more stability, and longevity of the restoration. The additional implants are not guaranteed as its dependent on the patients current bone and gum health. Which is why we recommend our patients to be proactive and schedule a consultation to see if they are even a candidate for this type of procedure. 


This process normally takes anywhere between 4-6 months, and in some complex cases can take upwards of about 9-12 months.

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Revolutionizing the All on 4™ / All on 6 concept

Utilizing advanced technology we are able to give patients that are candidates for All on 4™ or All on 6 teeth in a day, and finalize their treatment in 24 hours!


We do this by not using the patients existing dentures or fabricating a denture. Our own lab technicians design and fabricate in-house, a prototype of the patients smile and we decide where the new smile should be. Using metrics and diagnostic tools we are able to correct patients entire jaw position, smile line, and cheek and lip positions as well.


This process is all done in 24 hours.

You will be able to eat, chew, smile all in 24 hours. No more having to hide your smile!


For our out of state patients, please inform us prior to scheduling a consultation!

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