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Initial Consultation Visit

We know how daunting any consultation can be. We want to make sure that it's the most comfortable experience for all of our patients.


The first visit will include:

  • 3D/cone beam x-ray

  • Smile Design

  • Consultation with Dr. Osafi who will discuss with you multiple treatment option plans.

  • Financial Consultation

Our complimentary consultations are a limited time offer! Call now to schedule.

Who We are

  • Dr. Osafi and his team create over 350 smile makeovers a year, from Full Mouth Dental Implants, to Dental Veneers. His team of surgical and cosmetic assistants are not only trained on dental assisting, but are also involved in the digital lab fabrication of all the teeth. 

  • No tooth is created the same. Each tooth is designed and fabricated differently for each and every patient. Because each tooth is hand-crafted, there are slight variations to each individual tooth, giving the most natural look to each dental crown or dental veneer. 

  • Using digital dentistry, we are able to fabricate a digital wax-up or model of what the "ideal" teeth should look like. On the day of the treatment, we are then able to fabricate the temporary off of this new model.

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Dr. Behfar Osafi

Cosmetic and Implant Dentist​​

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