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Dental Implants

Fully-guided, for precision and efficiency

What are Dental Implants?

If you're missing one tooth, or if you're missing multiple teeth, dental implants may be a solution

Having to constantly cover up your smile because you're missing teeth? At Dream Smiles, we specialize in replacing missing or damaged teeth with dental implants. With our revolutionary dental implant process, in most cases we can place a dental implant at the same time as the tooth is extracted.

Dental Implant Components:

Implant ("Post" or "Screw"): The implant is what gets placed in the jaw-bone, 99% of the time is made in Titanium. This is what acts as the root of your teeth, the bone will go through a healing process once the implant is placed to fuse to the post or implant. 

Abutment: The connection between the implant and crown, this is what allows the crown to seat inside of the implant. 

Crown "tooth": The crown is the tooth portion, it is what you use to eat and what shows when you smile. Our crowns are fabricated in our own office, utilizing our own in-house lab, these are hand fabricated, stained and glazed. You will instantly notice how beautiful these hand-fabricated crowns are once you see them.


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Our Dental Implant Services

Single Implant/Multiple Implants

If you're missing one single tooth, or if you're missing multiple teeth, dental implants can be placed, in most cases at the same time the tooth is removed.  

Metal-Free Implants

Our metal-free implants are made from 100% ceramic (zirconia) material, these are technique sensitive to place and require extremely experienced dental surgeons to place them. Once placed, they are extremely beautiful and you can't even tell they are there!

Zygomatic / Pterygoid Implants

For patients that have been told they don't have enough bone for dental implants, this is an alternative method!

Dream Smile™ Dental Implant Solution

Revolutionary process consisting of 5-7 dental implants placed in 1 jaw (arch) and a full set of teeth, all completed in 1 appointment. 

"I am so thankful to have gone to Dr. Osafi at Dream Smiles, he is truly the best dentist in California! I went in for a consultation, I saw the amazing work he had done previously and knew I wanted him to fix my teeth. The procedure was simple, I had no pain and I can smile!" - Abigail W. 

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