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The change is now.


Teeth in a day! 

Beautifully - hand-crafted teeth. 


Digitally designed and hand-glazed right here in our Fullerton, CA office. All done in 1 day utilizing our in-house lab! 

DreamSmile™ dental implant solution is the revolutionary process of placing 5-7 dental implants in 1 (arch) or jaw and having teeth in a day. We are able to do this process due to our revolutionary technology that is used, with a combination of our in-house lab, allowing us to make beautiful teeth. 

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Made from Zirconia

Teeth made from Zirconia

Starting as low as $18,490

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Out with the old, In with the new.

A traditional All-on 4 / All on X procedure vs DreamSmile™


The Old: The conventional All on X procedure is where after your initial consultation a mold or impression is taken and sent to a lab to fabricate a denture, on the day of your surgery you will receive a denture that is converted into a temporary set of teeth that you wear for 6 months, they call this the “denture conversion” process. After your 6 months of healing, you will go back to the office and get another set of molds/impressions for another set of teeth and 2-3 weeks later, you will get a final set of teeth which, may or may not look or feel like the temporary set of teeth you had.

This can range anywhere from about 6-9 months of total treatment time.


The New: With our our revolutionary DreamSmile™ dental implant solution, after your initial visit (consultation), patients will receive a different type of scanning (3D scanning) as well as an intra-oral scanning and facial scanner allowing us to have a pre-design of your face/teeth position. While we are doing your surgery your new smile is being fabricated by our technicians in our in-house laboratory. Teeth are finished and completed by our master technician, No more impressions being taken, No dentures are being made, No dentures are being converted as a temporary. Within that day or the following day (24 hours) you will receive your final set of teeth and your process is complete.

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Patient Testimonial

"I've spent years visiting multiple dental offices as I have been wearing dentures for over 40 years now. I have been turned down by many dentists as I have been told the same story, that "you don't have enough bone for dental implants." I visited Dream Smiles and spoke with Dr. Osafi, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to be told that you can get a fixed set of teeth with dental implants. He went over in detail the plan on exactly what he was going to do, and he gave me a beautiful set of teeth, and I don't ever have to wear my denture again.!"

From Consultation To a Full Set of Teeth!

Your Customized Treatment Plan

When you come in for your consultation, our surgical assistants take a CBCT or 3D X-ray scan, intra-oral photos, and a smile design customized by our lab technicians. You will meet with our Implant Dentist who will customize a specific treatment plan suited just for you and will meet with our financial coordinator to go over finances. 

Scan, Design and Build Your Customized Smile

Our surgical assistants and Implant Dentist will take measurements, an intra-oral facial scanner and go over all the planning regarding your treatment. After you leave, our lab technicians will work behind the scenes to fabricate your surgical guide, and start the fabrication of your teeth based off of the measurements taken.

Treatment day!

Under sedation - where you are comfortably "sleeping," our Implant Dentist will take all the teeth out that you have, clean all the infection and take scans of your teeth all in 1 day. Dr. Osafi and his team of lab technicians will start fabricating the teeth utilizing his complete digital workflow. Depending on how our patients feel, teeth are either placed the same day of the treatment or patients can request to come back the next day.

Enjoy your Dream Smile

Patients come back for this appointment for a check-up to see how the bite feels, typically a bite adjustment is done, and post-operative discussions are gone over with you. 

Dr. Osafi completes over 350 smile makeovers a year. Patients from all over the world travel to our Dental Implant office in Fullerton, CA to get this revolutionary process done!


Our DreamSmile™ Dental Implant solution combines both the All-on-4 concept to a completely digital workflow. This protocol has allowed patients to get their teeth in one day, pain-free, in 1 convenient location. 


Dr. Osafi and his team fabricate over 350 smile makeovers a year in Fullerton, CA. His team specializes in the complete digital workflow specifically for full mouth dental implants. Being able to utilize an in-house lab allows Dr. Osafi to inspect every work that gets delivered, for all of his patients.


To be able to do what we do for our patients is not only a blessing, but it is what motivates us to keep on advancing in what we do. We strive for perfection in each and every aspect of our dental implant practice and as a patient you are not only welcome to our dental home, but you become a family member. 

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