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Dental Implant Options

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Dental Implants

We know how difficult it can be to not be able to smile confidently, or chew the foods that you want to eat.

Dental Implants will be able to restore your teeth to its natural esthetics and function. 

In most cases, in our office, we are able to extract "remove" the tooth, without trauma, and place a dental implant at the same time, we also apply growth factors using the patients own blood, commonly named "PRP" (plasma rich protein) or PRF (plasma rich fibrin) to allow for better growth of bone and tissue and for faster healing. This greatly reduces the time that our patients have to wait to receive their dental crown/bridge or restoration. 

Our dental implant placement is done using a "surgical guide" which is a guide that is digitally fabricated in our office to allow for an exact placement of our dental implant without having to "guess." 


Implant Teeth.G16.2k.png

All on 4 / All on 6 / All on X

Brown Minimalist Desert Photo Collage (5).png

Conventional Implant bridge containing 4-6 implants, with an implant bridge.

Final restoration: PMMA (acrylic)

DreamSmile™ Restoration

Brown Minimalist Desert Photo Collage (6).png

Digitally fabricated, placement of 5-7 dental implants.

Final restoration: Zirconia

Denture Implants
"Snap On Dentures"  "Overdentures" 

Brown Minimalist Desert Photo Collage (4).png

A traditional denture connected "snapped" to 2-4 implants.

Dental Implants / Dental Implant Bridges: Smile Makeover

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Combination of Dental Implants / Crowns / Bridges and Veneers for a complete Smile Makeover.

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