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The ACTUAL Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants - (2022 Updated)

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

As explained by: Dr. Behfar Osafi, DMD - Dream Smiles - Dental Implants & Esthetics in Fullerton, CA 2240 N. Harbor Blvd Suite 220, Fullerton, CA 92835

"Doc, how much do dental implants cost?"

This question can be quite difficult to answer as we have to take into consideration what our patients wants and needs are. However, it can range anywhere from $2,500 - $60,000+ and it all depends on what treatment the patient is undergoing.

There are many factors to take into consideration, just to give a few examples:

  1. Is there infection present?

  2. Is there a need for bone grafting?

  3. Does membrane need to be placed?

  4. Type of material

  • PMMA / Acrylic

  • Zirconia

Is infection present?

If infection is present, we want to find out how long the infection has been there as the longer the infection is in there, the more bone loss there will be in the area. The extent of bone loss can be visualized on our 3D CBCT or Cone Beam X-ray. Depending on the extent of the infection, it can make things complicated as the Dental Surgeon in this case will either have to do one of two things, either remove the infected tooth, clean out all the infection and place bone grafting material (to build the bone loss that was there) and then place a dental implant. Or the Dental Surgeon will remove the tooth, clean the infected area and place bone graft material in that area to heal for 3-6 months and then attempt to place an implant at the 2nd surgery visit. If 2 surgeries are required, the procedure will cost more. This is the reason why I recommend all my patients to visit their general dentist for periodic exams, at least every 6 months.

Single Dental Implant Cost:

For a single dental implant, which typically includes, the dental Implant (which is what replaces the root of the tooth), the abutment (the part that attaches the crown to the implant) and the crown (the tooth, or the part that you see in the mouth), it can range anywhere from $2,500-$5,500, all depending on how much bone grafting is needed and the material of choice for the crown.

Full Mouth Dental Implants:

Now that is just for a single tooth. If you are needing a full mouth of dental implants, then you're looking anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000+, again depending on bone grafting, and most importantly, the material that you choose for the final teeth, which can be either acrylic or zirconia. With full mouth dental implants you are replacing all of your teeth, depending on our patients request we can either make them removable (less common) or the fixed option (most common). The removable (over-denture, or most commonly referred to as Snap-On Dentures) are the more affordable option that can range anywhere from $7,500-$18,000. The fixed option (not removable, and is permanent, sometimes referred to as All on 4™, All on 6, All on X) is where a minimum of 4 dental implants are placed in each jaw, the denture that is made gets "converted" into a fixed denture, where you no longer have to take it in and out and no need for glue or adhesives. Typically patients wear this denture for 4-6 months to allow the bone to heal and will then go back to receive their final set of teeth, made of either acrylic or zirconia. In our office in Dream Smiles in Fullerton, CA we do this procedure quite differently, where our patients don't receive a denture, and instead we digitally design a 3D printed set of teeth the same day of the treatment, so patients will leave with a set of teeth that day and we can deliver the final set of teeth (typically, the Zirconia) in 3-5 days. Since we utilize an in-house laboratory, we are able to be the most competitive in the area in terms of the price of this type of treatment and is the reason why we get a lot of patients from out of state for this 1 procedure.

Materials - PMMA (Acrylic) / Zirconia:

Acrylic is the most common material that dental offices offer, and happens to be the most cost effective as well. PMMA or Acrylic has great esthetics and can last anywhere between 3-5 years. It does have a tendency to accumulate more plaque, and will stain over time. Most recently some offices have started offering Zirconia, which is one of the strongest dental materials there is in the dental market. It is extremely beautiful, and can last a lifetime. It is stain and wear resistant and because its extremely polished, it is resistant to plaque build-up. However, this is the most expensive material of choice as the machinery needed to process this material is expensive. In our office, Dream Smiles in Fullerton, CA we utilize our own laboratory and are able to fabricate teeth in-house. We have master ceramists and digital designers giving us the opportunity to make final teeth in a day.

Final Remarks:

Is it expensive? Yes, it can be. To avoid requiring a full mouth of dental implants, its best to get check ups more frequently (which is why we recommend examinations every 6 months). If you are someone currently in need of full mouth dental implants and you're in the Fullerton area in California, visit our office for a free consultation. If you're not in the area, please send us an email or call our office we'd be more than happy to help assist you in finding a dental surgeon!

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