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All-on-4™ / All-on-6 / All-on-X Dental Implants

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Dr. Behfar Osafi, Dream Smiles Dental Implants & Esthetics in Fullerton, CA

In our practice, we have seen an increase in patients requesting this full mouth dental implant procedure. Despite the several names it's called, the goal is the same. In this guide, I will discuss the procedure, questions we receive in our practice and alternatives to this dental implant procedure.

All on 4™ / All on 6 / All on X Dental Implants - What is it?

This revolutionary procedure started in the early 1990's, where a Dental Implant Surgeon will place a minimum of 4 implants, spread out in strategic areas to give patients between 10-14 teeth. This is more conservative than the traditional 10-14 implants to replace 10-14 teeth and more cost-effective as well. The All on 4™ procedure was also created to be more conservative, surgically. By angling the implants, the Dental Implant Surgeon could bypass the sinuses and not have to do a sinus lift, or where additional bone grafting would need to be done. This would help ultimately with not only healing, but a higher success rate, which is roughly above 98%.

What's the difference between All on 6 or All on X?

There are different names to represent the amount of dental implants placed. The Dental Implant Surgeon needs to place a minimum of 4 implants to be able to give you a full set of teeth. Nowadays, more Doctors will place more implants as a "backup" or "reserve" in case one of the implants doesn't take, hence the name All on 6, to represent 6 implants, or All on X to represent more than 4 implants, and can range from 4 implants to 8 implants. This is done, if and only if the patient has enough bone to support more than 4 implants.

The Digital All on 4™ Treatment

At Dream Smiles Dental Implants & Esthetics in Fullerton, CA our Doctors place a minimum of 4 dental implants. We believe that if you're undergoing a surgery, we want to place as many dental implants as we can, while we are working on the patient. This gives our patients more relief to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to ensure a higher success rate than what we already have. The traditional All on 4™ is done using the patients own denture and converting it into a bridge, where the palate of the denture is cut. This treatment is still being done in more than 90% of dental offices but technology has changed the way we complete this treatment. In our office we 3D print the set of teeth prior to the surgery, and gives us a reference of how we want the patients teeth to look before the patient even has their surgery. On the day of the surgery, we use this 3D printed set of teeth as a guide to the final. Normally, 90% of our patients like the teeth that we design, however, if there are changes that patients would like, we can make those changes instantly, as we utilize our own in-house laboratory. This entire procedure is done digitally, and what's amazing is that we can replicate the temporary we designed for our patients and exactly copy it for their final.

Currently, we are running a complimentary consultation which includes: 3D CBCT X-ray Scan, a smile preview and a treatment plan with our Doctors. Schedule that today.

We serve many patients in the Fullerton area, as well as Brea, Anaheim, La Habra, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Whittier, Downey, Stanton, Cypress, Cerritos, Buena Park, Rowland Heights, Orange, Ontario.

Teeth In A Day.

In Dream Smiles Dental Implants & Esthetics we are able to give patients teeth in a day. This may contradict what you previously may have been told, where dental implants cannot be touched or "loaded" for a minimum of 4-6 months. However, with our digital technology we are able to design the set of teeth in just a few hours and give our patients the precise set of teeth that will be the most comfortable and will actually help with bone growth in the area. We have been doing this for more than 10+ years and joined together with many research articles, it gives us the best outcome for this treatment option.

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to call or schedule a complimentary consultation. We'd be more than happy to help in anyway possible!

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