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Starting as low as $10,490

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Beautifully -

hand-crafted teeth. Digitally designed and created by our Master Technician in our in-house laboratory.


 Dentures stabilized by implants right here in Fullerton, CA

All done in 1 office, utilizing our own in-house lab!

At Dream Smiles we fabricate our own dentures, digitally. This allows for a more efficient workflow as well as allowing us to customize what the patient likes, esthetically. 

Our dentures are thin, to allow more room for the tongue, and cheek to move around. But also stable with a titanium mesh for stability. We stabilize our dentures with implants and we place a range anywhere from 2-4 dental implants (posts). This eliminates the need for patients to have to use glue or adhesive to hold their dentures in place.


These dentures are extremely beautiful, and feel extremely comfortable.

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Overdenture smile 1_edited.jpg


Overdenture smile 4_edited.jpg

Denture in mouth

Overdenture smile 3_edited.jpg


See What The Hype Is All About.

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Limited Time Offer

At Dream Smiles we believe that your smile is just as important as the rest of you.


That's why we've created a new, innovative way that allows us to give you a beautiful smile in one day, even with dentures, we know how difficult it can be to keep your dentures in place, and glue or adhesive can only go so far.


We use our in-house lab to make custom-fitted teeth for you, which are then attached to your existing teeth with a special resin. These new teeth will not only look and feel like your own, but they'll help you enjoy all the foods you love again!


All of this can be done in our office right here in Fullerton, CA. So there's no need to drive around town or wait weeks for appointments. Our team is ready and waiting to give you back your confidence and allow you to smile again!


2240 N Harbor Blvd Suite 220, Fullerton, CA 92835

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Limited Time Offer

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