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Cosmetic Dental Veneers

  • A cosmetic dental crown/bridge is different than just a regular dental crown, as the teeth are prepared more conservatively for a cosmetic crown/bridge and each tooth is designed to the correct proportions, giving you a natural, beautiful look, every time you smile. 

  • Each of our cosmetic crowns/bridges are designed by our own lab technicians, hand carved and stained/glazed in our own office. This enables us to virtually be able to color match precisely and create a harmonious smile. One that is not only beautiful but function as well. 

Call now to schedule your complimentary consultation. The consultation will include, taking a 3D X-ray, consulting with the Doctor, receiving a smile design and meeting with our financial coordinator.

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Our Dream Smiles office in Fullerton utilizes technology to ensure precise fitting of all work completed. Patients will also be able to see all the corrections we make to their teeth and will be involved in the entire plan. 


Dr. Osafi and his team fabricate over 350 smile makeovers a year in Fullerton, CA. Our team specializes in the complete digital workflow specifically for cosmetic procedures. Being able to utilize an in-house lab allows Dr. Osafi to inspect every work that gets delivered, for all of his patients.


To be able to do what we do for our patients is not only a blessing, but it is what motivates us to keep on advancing in what we do. We strive for perfection in each and every aspect of our dental implant practice and as a patient you are not only welcome to our dental home, but you become a family member. 

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For complete patient comfort, we provide safe dental sedation & general anesthesia utilizing medical anesthesia doctors with extensive experience in safe sedation.


"...I have never been treated with so much love and care. A success. I'd like to thank Dr Behfar Osafi my surgeon and #2 my anesthesiologist. And of course all the lovely ladies that took care of me! My new family and dentist for life! Dr. Behfar and especially his staff are loving, supportive and just plain awesome! My experience so far (2 visits) have shown me something I've never received from dentist in the past. 1. 10 star rating in service 2. Tells the truth about my past dental procedures that went horribly wrong. 3. Giving me a new lease on life. 4. The office is a well oiled machine. 5. Given me my smile back. 6. Miracle workers. Thank you so much!"

"This Dental center is just what I was thinking looking for. Clean, modern welcoming atmosphere. The staff were attentive engaging and friendly helping calm my fears. I knew when I spoke to them on the phone I found the right place. I made my appointment right away filled out paperwork ahead of time and was welcomed in right away. They were thorough and listened to my concerns. They took pictures, gave me financial options and took a scan of my mouth.
I met Dr Behfar an educated knowledgeable Dr who explained in detail what he could do and what I can expect from him. I knew right away I was in good hands."

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Who We are

  • Dr. Osafi and his team create over 350 smile makeovers a year. His team of surgical and cosmetic assistants are not only trained on dental assisting, but are also involved in the digital lab fabrication of all the teeth. 

  • No tooth is created the same. Each tooth is designed and fabricated differently for each and every patient. Because each tooth is hand-crafted, there are slight variations to each individual tooth, giving the most natural look to each dental crown or dental veneer. 

  • Using digital dentistry, we are able to fabricate a digital wax-up or model of what the "ideal" teeth should look like. On the day of the treatment, we are then able to fabricate the temporary off of this new model.

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Dr. Behfar Osafi

Cosmetic and Implant Dentist​​

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